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At Sanisegunkabir Photography we provide professional photography & videography services.

Capturing moments telling authentic stories, that stand the test of time.

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is!

Product Photography

With my creative eye and key sense for detail, your products will be brought to life through images.

Portrait Photography

Your personality, your essence & who you are, is perfectly captured through your portrait.

Fashion Photography

Through clothes and how they hang on you, I am able to tell a story.

Wedding Photography

Freezing a moment to be remembered for years to come is one of the joys of wedding photography.

Event Photography

Framing the action shot, capturing the candid moments takes a special skill, which I have.

Maternity Photography

I am able to create an atmosphere of ease & comfort which translates to the most beautiful and natural-looking photos.


What story do you want to tell? What emotions do you want to project? These questions are perfectly captured on video.

Documentary Photography

Photographing reality in the rawest, most authentic ways.

Short Films

With just minutes to tell the story, a short film needs to be concise and the premise clear. A compelling story stands at the centre of any short film.

Wedding Packages

Our photography packages provide hours of coverage, capturing all the essential elements of your event professionally & creatively

  • Basic Plan

  • $950
  • 2 Photographers

    1 medium-sized album

    1 small frame

    1 light engineer

  • Ace Plan

  • $1500
  • Pre - Wedding session (2 outfits)

    2 Photographers

    1 medium-sized album

    1 medium-sized frame

    2 Light Engineers

  • Elite Plan

  • $2500
  • Pre - Wedding session (2 outfits)

    3 Photographers

    1 Large Album

    2 Large Frames

    2 Light Engineers

Visual and Creative Photography

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